Monday, January 31, 2011

The effects of global communication and how it develops

Several hundred years ago, when people started ships to explore this world, they may have never thought that people can contact with each other so fast and conveniently in 21 century. Firstly, we would like to know what Global communication it is: it is the process of transmitting and receiving information on a world-wide scale. As one country communicates with another country about different fields(economy, education, culture...) While nowadays, the global communication has greatly changed, it is increasingly faster, more convenient and more effective.
     In the past, it was difficult to get enough information about other countries, about this world. There were few connection with each countries.Most countries just had coorperation with their neighbor countries. However, it really took time for their communication. Due to the distance and low technology, the global communication was very limiting. While with the development of technology, remarkable changes have taken place in global communication. Especially the invention of cellphone and computer. They play a very imporatnt role in global communication, and they are widely used in every aspect of people’s life now.
      Because of the evolution of technology, it promotes the growth of global communication, changes people’s life. People can keep in touch with each other by cellphone and computer, even though they live in different countries. Synchronous communication provides the easy and fast way for people’s contact. Besides, people can gain knowledge by computer. We can learn more about this wolrd; we can know what happen around us; what happen on this world every day; we can know everything that we want to know; all of the things we want to learn at the soonest, we can do that.
Global communication advances the globalization on aspects of culture, economy and politics. High technology acts as a bridge to strengthen international exchange and cooperation between each country. We have more chances and easy ways to know other country’s culture, based on their culture, it benefits for us to do business with them and further collaborating. With the cooperation of each nation in politics, it undoubtedly plays an increasingly significant role in the entire country’s stability and development.
  Since the increasingly growth in high technology, global communication has great changes in globalization in past ten years. Such as the international business, it develops extremely fast. Some big companies which are from development countries open new factories in developing countries. They are not only promoting the cooperation between each country, but alos increasing local employment rate. People also can order products in internet from foreign countries at home. Besides, there have been joint terrorism military exercises between Russia and China, Russia and India, China and India in recent years. Their military practice is good for the world’s peace. Furthermore, there are many regional and international organizations, as the ASEAN(the Association of Southeast Asian Nations), European Union, the Arab League,the International Monetary Fund, the World Trade Organization and so on. Although some organizations had been founded for a long time, they have developed fast and played an important role for globalization in recent past years.
  In a word, thanks to the evolution of high technology, global communication has gotten greatly advancement nowadays. It brings us into a new era, full of knowledge and opportunities. It makes the whole world be one family.

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